Final March Route

The route for our march has been finalized with the help of the very cooperative SDPD.  We will be marching down Broadway!  We will start at 6th and Upas at the northwest corner of Balboa Park and march south on 6th to Broadway.  We will turn west on Broadway and march to Harbor Drive.  Then, we march north on Harbor Drive to the County Administration Building.  Here’s the map of the final route:


Go to Rally Info for other important information.

See you at 6th and Upas at 10am on Saturday!



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We Are Making History

An unprecedented grassroots movement for equality has sprung up in this country.  Over 250,000 people will be marching in 300 cities throughout the United States on Saturday.  Our nation is ready to address our next great civil rights issue: equal rights for gays and lesbians.

As always, change will come because ordinary citizens like you and me decided to stand up to injustice. We are part of the greater, centuries-long struggle for equal rights for all, and we will ultimately prevail.

Thank you for your efforts and commitment.  Now is the time to make justice a reality!

See you Saturday!


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Rally Updates

Our march for equality, in unison with over 250,000 participants nationally, is departing from 6th and Upas at 10:30am on Saturday.  The march will end with a rally at the County Administration Building at 1600 Pacific Highway at 1pm.  We have some excited announcements about the rally:

We will be forming the world’s largest pride flag. The 16,000 square foot rainbow flag will be visible from the air and will be constructed of 3,000+ rally participants holding 2×3 pieces of colored poster board.  The pride flag symbolizes our commitment that all people, gay or straight, must have equal rights.

Gloria Allred, Todd Gloria, faith leaders, and others will be speaking. Allred, a Los Angeles civil rights attorney, represents Robin Tyler and Diane Olson.  Tyler and Olson’s lawsuit led to the Supreme Court decision in May that brought marriage equality to California.  Allred has now filed a new suit to invalidate proposition 8.

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Facebook Issues Again

UPDATE: Looks like we’re back up and running again.  See you all Saturday!

Our Facebook event page has again been attacked.  We’re working on it and are confident it will be resolved soon.  The march and rally are of course still on for Saturday. Our opponents clearly sense the growing strength of our movement for equality!

Let’s send a message that we will never be silenced and that our love will win out over their hate.  Can you call five friends to tell them about our march and rally?

The passage of Proposition 8 has galvanized our community across California and throughout the United States.  Equality-minded citizens, gay and straight, are founding a new movement.  Let’s keep our momentum growing; we will achieve equality for all!

Thanks for all your hard work everyone!


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New Poster and Sign Ideas

There is a new poster under Spread the Word! that contains all of the information for our protest on Saturday.  Check it out.

We also have gathered some signs that express the positive messages we want to get across.  See Make A Statement! for the pdfs.  Many are available in both 8.5×11 and 11×17 formats.  Here are some images to give you some ideas:


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Call For Volunteers

We need volunteers to help out at both the march and the rally on Saturday.  Can you help our community organize for equality?

There will be a volunteer training meeting at Rich’s at 1051 University Ave on Thursday, Nov 13 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.

Volunteers for the march will need to arrive at 6th and Upas at 8:30am on Saturday and work through the beginning of the rally at the County Administration Building at 1pm.  If you would like to volunteer, send an email to  Volunteers need to attend the meeting tomorrow so we can all be on the same page on Saturday.

Thank you!

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We’re Gaining Momentum

This site has been up for less than 48 hours, and we’ve already had thousands of visitors.  People from around San Diego are standing up for fairness and equality.  The media is amazed at the power of our grassroots effort.  I want to share a comment from a volunteer:

I’ve texted 156 people today
Emailed everyone in my address book
Posted bulletins from 5 myspace sights that have at least 250 friends each.
I alone, directly have made contact in some form with nearly 1000 people today!

Can you match her dedication to equality? Get the word out, call your friends, make some signs!
See you Saturday at 10am at 6th and Upas!


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