We’re Gaining Momentum

This site has been up for less than 48 hours, and we’ve already had thousands of visitors.  People from around San Diego are standing up for fairness and equality.  The media is amazed at the power of our grassroots effort.  I want to share a comment from a volunteer:

I’ve texted 156 people today
Emailed everyone in my address book
Posted bulletins from 5 myspace sights that have at least 250 friends each.
I alone, directly have made contact in some form with nearly 1000 people today!

Can you match her dedication to equality? Get the word out, call your friends, make some signs!
See you Saturday at 10am at 6th and Upas!



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3 responses to “We’re Gaining Momentum

  1. yay

    awesome! could you give us the route to the admin building? what streets are we taking? thanks.

  2. Ditto that route request by “yay.” I’m a photographer, and I’d like to set myself up on a building to get some good aerial shots.

    South down 6th seems logical, but I just wanna be sure…thx!

  3. Jim

    You guys should take more advantage of the local wordpress.com community, too. You need to start using tags and categories so that your posts are included in the global searches. There’s lots of other people blogging about Prop 8, so you can just look at the more popular tags/categories and use those to help get connected within the wordpress.com community. Or just take a look at http://protest8sf.wordpress.com for examples of how they are using the tags and categories.

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