Facebook Issues Again

UPDATE: Looks like we’re back up and running again.  See you all Saturday!

Our Facebook event page has again been attacked.  We’re working on it and are confident it will be resolved soon.  The march and rally are of course still on for Saturday. Our opponents clearly sense the growing strength of our movement for equality!

Let’s send a message that we will never be silenced and that our love will win out over their hate.  Can you call five friends to tell them about our march and rally?

The passage of Proposition 8 has galvanized our community across California and throughout the United States.  Equality-minded citizens, gay and straight, are founding a new movement.  Let’s keep our momentum growing; we will achieve equality for all!

Thanks for all your hard work everyone!



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2 responses to “Facebook Issues Again

  1. Lynne

    The route from 6th & Upas to Broadway, across Broadway and Pacific Hwy to the County Admin bldg. is 2.9 miles and will take 54 mins. walking at a normal pace, per Google maps. Please do what you can to make sure the march moves slowly! There will be people of all ages and all abilities walking; we don’t want to tire them out before they are halfway to the end.

  2. A

    text people this onfo and tell them to pass it on…

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