Rally Info

We’re going to start gathering at 10:00 am on Saturday, November 15. Our meeting place is 6th and Upas in Hillcrest. We will start marching promptly at 10:30. We will march south on 6th to Broadway.  We will turn west on Broadway and march to Harbor Drive.  Then, we march north on Harbor Drive to the County Administration Building where marriage licenses are issued where we will have a huge rally that begins at 1pm.


Remember that this is a PEACEFUL march and rally. We are at the County Administration building because that is where marriage licenses are issued. We have a mayor and city council who have consistently supported marriage equality and we are grateful to them for that. We are also not targeting any religious or ethnic group. Our opposition wants our movement to appear divisive. We are going to reclaim and reframe the discussion. We are about gaining equal rights for all and ending bigotry and discrimination. This is a cause everyone can get behind!

Transportation: If you live within the city limits, please take public transit to this event! You can take the Trolley to 5th Avenue and get on the #3 or #120 bus at 5th and C (right at the Trolley Stop), and take it to 5th and Upas (about a 15 minute ride). Bus fare is $2.25. For those who will drive, we are suggesting that folks park their vehicles downtown and take the bus to 6th and Upas. That way they don’t have to walk all the way back up the hill to get their cars! Bus #3 and Bus #120 service the march origin point via 5th Avenue and Upas.

Signs: We are advocating POSITIVE signs.  See the Make a Statement! page for some ideas.  Also be aware that, according to the ACLU, in San Diego, metal stakes, clubs, and pipes are prohibited at rallies. Wooden stakes must be 1/4 inch or less in thickness and 2 inches or less in width.

It is supposed to be 85 and sunny on Saturday.  There will be water available with the proceeds benefiting the ACLU legal fund to overturn Prop 8.

See you Saturday at 10am at 6th and Upas!


5 responses to “Rally Info

  1. Scott Sexton

    I marched with my brother and sister-in-law last weekend in San Diego and I will peacefully march again at every opportunity I can until this discrimination ends.

    I also will post signs around San Diego about this November 15th national march as soon as I am able.

  2. Mark

    On sidewalk..No

    Broadway should be closed off for us for a couple of hours.

    Route should be, 6th avenue south from Upas..Meet at courthouse for a couple hours. Then, Broadway east to 11th and north up the 163 to Balboa Park.

    Say that to MLK in the 60s….
    Say that to our brothers and sister at Stonewall…
    Say that to our brothers and sisters in Germany under Hitler…(oops sorry we can’t, they are no longer with us).
    Say that to Mathew….and others like him.
    Say it to me…when I am having my self respect stripped away from being harassed…

    Peaceful …YES
    Out of sight, quiet, go to some obscure place, follow to the back of the bus, to separate drinking fountains…NO

    You may say I sound intense…..

    BUT the law that does not allow HIV people from other countries has been repealed, BUT Bush has not implemented the change.

    BUT we don’t have same rights to marry or equal benefits without taxation (without enough representation).

    BUT we are the only minority group that receives prejudice from our own families, our own race, and every other minority and majority group.

    BUT we still sit and wait…..



    Peaceful…YES… B*ll-less and stupid….NO

    Peaceful, no property damage, and no violence…

    BUT if they want to arrest me for standing (loitering) on a street corner asking for fairness…or obstructing traffic to the beach for tourists……Let Them.

    I hope there are no arrests and problems, but we have to realize there may be and we shouldn’t be offended or embarrassed because we stood up for our rights.

    Don’t be scared we will have bad publicity, the police and city does not want it either.

    Be peaceful, be respectful, but don’t give up or go home cause you are told to go to the back of the bus, told to shut up, told to go back in your place.

    We were told by our gay leaders to have quiet nice weddings with no chaps or any weirdness….and then people would see we are just like them and they would vote for us. We are not like them….

    A friend of mine joked:

    They will let us cut their hair, wait on them, design and make their clothes, design their interiors, entertain them, help them get rich, and be the celibate “Will” best friend always there to help…. The second class citizen, lowest on the totem pole…

    WAIT we are the new indentured servant class…

    They think we owe them…and we will get our rights and freedoms when they tell us we can….

    PROBLEM is….the joke is reality.

  3. Sue

    Where is this ralley happening? what city?

  4. Rue

    Questions only…

    Is the rally to be held on the north or south side of the County Admin Building?… and will there be any accomodation for handicapped parking?

  5. Mark

    The Protest was great. I have to compliment the downtown police, who were in charge of security this time. I did talk with the lieutenant in charge, along with this protest organizer, and thanked him for respecting our right to protest and helping make it a great event.

    I was a little worried last week when the organizer said she was going to wait and approve the route with the police. The protests in Hillcrest are handled by a different division, or group in charge, and the police were not as cooperative. They dispersed us only after about 40 minutes the first time, basically telling us we would be arrested otherwise (Even though we were on the sidewalk). When we walked University, they continually blocked the group until it went where they wanted, which was a deserted area in Morley Field.

    I felt more comfortable this time.

    My friends and I tried to make protesters aware that this is a fight to repeal DOMA, and for federally recognized marriage and civil rights as well.

    We wanted to help ease stress and improve our favorability with the African American Community and othersa future decision by by making them aware that we were there with them in the 60s. Bayard Rustin was the GAY man behind the man. He was an adviser to MLK, organizer of the major protests and idea man behind the non-violent protests.


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