Get Fired Up!

Keith Olbermann makes our case:

Jennifer Briz, left, and Kristina Haas leave City Hall in San Francisco on Wednesday after a clerk refused to marry them.

Jennifer Briz, left, and Kristina Haas leave City Hall in San Francisco on Wednesday after a clerk refused to marry them.

Our constitution says their love doesn’t count!  Join us in our march again Prop H8!

Mayor Sanders gets it:


3 responses to “Get Fired Up!

  1. CM

    Please add a mailing list signup on this site so that everyone can sign up and be notified of updates (i.e. rally times and ways to get involved). Everyone wants to be the most helpful as possible. THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE!

  2. Nasli

    Join the Yahoo Group for more updates. The link is on the right hand panel:

  3. Mark

    My Letter to MSNBC.

    Subject: Newscast 11:50 am PST Friday, November 14, 2008 about Gay Marriage Protests

    I was offended by the news story that aired on Friday, November 14, at around 11:50 am, concerning gay marriage protests. I believe that your host, Savannah Guthrie, was lacking in her skills at presenting the story and appeared unaware of the issue, surrounding legal battles, or the history of civil rights in this country.

    When Ms. Guthrie’s guest, John Wildermuth from San Francisco Chronicle, mentioned that he didn’t know why gays were protesting now, he guessed it was just solidarity. “Interesting thing at the end of the day is, what does this accomplish, the election is done,” he stated. He basically mentioned that gays should not boycott those who have led the fight against them.

    Ms. Guthrie chimed in that yeah she agreed, “I guess the demonstrations at this point are largely symbolic.” She continued with a dribbling statement that gays may have some legal battles.

    The story was drab, prejudicial, little facts about civil rights demonstrations and the courts was known by either Ms. Guthrie or Mr. Wildermuth. I felt I was almost watching a Christian Right program telling gays to go home, forget about your civil rights you lost, it is over and you can go back to being second class citizens.

    The story should have talked about how civil rights have NEVER been won by a popular vote. Minority groups are always helped in the courts, and then, by direction of the courts, in the legislature. Boycotts and Protests work. In this story and others people have mentioned why gays should be mad at the African-American vote, and all I can say is BAYARD RUSTIN. Look him up! He was a chief adviser to Martin Luther King. He was behind the idea of holding Non-violent Protests, he organized the most well known marches and protests, and HE WAS OPENLY GAY. You should present that story. In a time when over 70% of gays voted to help fulfill a dream of an African-American President, 70% of African-Americans voted against another minorities civil rights and their “dream” of equality.

    MSNBC should have qualified newscasters or tell her in her earpiece some of the history of civil rights. She should have described the legal battle which basically states that this is a civil rights revision to the constitution and a majority vote is not legal. She might even mention that the state supreme court’s decision to allow gay marriage, went above and beyond what they needed to do, and they placed gays in a “suspect class”, or protected minority status under the state constitution Equal Protection Act.

    And, keep in mind that when you allow one area of discrimination you usher in other areas. When will this stop?

    Protests are happening and will happen across the nation until this is settled. Because Prop 8 did not pass, and after twelve years of being the highlighted issue of the right wing conservative movement, this has brought national focus. This is no longer about one state, or even three, denying us our civil rights, this is about DOMA, this is about federal, and each state, recognizing gay marriages and the civil rights of all Americans. This is about Equality.

    The new Legislature, the new president and his executive branch, and the Federal Supreme court will be on notice until this matter is settled.

    We are not going away, we are not going to the “back of the bus”, we are not happy just being the celibate “Will” type best friend, seen but can’t date or love. I feel like I am in an indentured servant class; we teach your children, cut your hair, design and make your clothes, wait on you, redecorate and design your homes, and don’t speak up; And as long as we keep in our place we will be allowed to co-exist.

    EXCUSE ME MS. GUTHRIE….. Go back to the south if you are going to be prejudice, unaware, or this incompetent.

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