Get Involved!

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

-Martin Luther King Jr

How you can help:

Distribute Flyers – Do you have access to a printer and some tape?  Then you can help us get the word out about this rally for our rights.  We need LOTS of people to post flyers.  You can post them in community centers, dorms, apartment buildings, coffee shops, stores, telephone poles, libraries, and any place where you see a bulletin board or a patch of bare space that could use some decoration.  Click on Spread the Word! above and print out posters and fliers and distribute them throughout San Diego County.  Remember, 54% of the people in our county voted to take away fundamental rights.  We need flyers in every part of San Diego so the people in our county know that this discriminatory proposition affects their friends, neighbors, and relatives.  Can you commit to spreading the word?  If you can cover an area or neighborhood, please leave a comment or send an email to so we can get an idea of what’s being covered and what’s not.

Make Signs and Banners – We need people to bring signs to our march.  If you have No On 8 signs from the campaign, that’s great.  If you can make a homemade sign, that’s great too.  We want to get our positive, forceful message across.  Instead of just saying, “Fuck Mormons”, we will insist on an end to bigotry in our constitution and will demand equal rights for all!  JoinTheImpact has a page of sign ideas if you’re looking for inspiration.  Remember, let’s keep a positive message.  Things like “I deserve equal rights”, “Equality strengthens marriage”, etc.  You get the idea.

Social Networking – RSVP to our Facebook event and invite your friends.  Talk you your friends and co-workers about this historic national event.  Send out some text messages to your address book.  Here’s a suggestion:

“Hey, we’re rallying for equal rights in San Diego on Sat. Nov. 15, at 10am, at 6th and Upas! Pass it on!”

Call or Write Elected Officials – Many elected officials in California have come out in favor of equality for everyone.  In fact, on Monday, over a third of the California Legislature called on the California Supreme Court to throw out proposition 8.  We need to thank those who have shown a commitment to fairness and share our disappointment with those who haven’t.  The No On 8 campaign has a list of elected officials who support us.  If your elected official is on there, give them a call or write them to say thanks and that you appreciate their work.  If not, let them know that they’ve let you and the state of California down.

Donate – Lambda Legal and the ACLU will be arguing before the California Supreme Court that Prop 8 is invalid because an amendment to the consitution cannot take fundamental rights away from a minority.  They need our support!


6 responses to “Get Involved!

  1. Michelle

    “Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it” ~ Howard Zinn

  2. Deborah

    I and my boyfriend are baffled that this has happened. That Americans have to continue to fight discrimination is deplorable. The clincher seemed to me to be th lie about the education system.
    How can one religion involve themselves in our government system so deeply and no-one remind us all of our constitution. How about we all propose a bill to anounce the right of each religion to discriminate against marriage equality and rule that their beliefs cannot change the laws of the constitution. This should be done very cerimoniously and with great fanfair to respect this event. There will be an anouncement that religion will have the right to discriminate against people who are in their church, the same as it always has been. You cannot force a catholic priest to marry a baptist couple.
    I heard on voting day that it scares them to think that “they” would teach their kids the “gay way” in school.
    I heard a woman of color say this from outside her window. I thought to myself, that is ironic.
    Then I thought that was hypocritical! She was ignorant about what prop 8 was. She may have been to young to remember when black people couldn’t marry white, or any one, but black. Who made up that one, again?
    Anyway for your satistics: I am white, divorced female, straight and have a wonderful man. Normal local family one gay second cousin. (The nicest kid you could ever meet) Yet still, my family is split on the issue.

  3. Mark

    It seems like we have woken up a bit.

    It may be time to plan that March on Washington for Gay CIVIL Rights, not just marriage rights in one state. Obama needs to change his mind.

    We should not be happy until we get D.O.M.A. (The Defense of Marriage Act) changed and discarded.

    Marriages need to be federally recognized and recognized by other states.

    New York is the only state without gay marriage that recognizes them.

  4. Mark

    1) Protest Almost Daily until State Supreme Court hears case.

    2) WE SHOULD plan another Mormon Temple Protest on SATURDAYS until the State Supreme Court hears the case and reverses 8. Saturday is when they hold services and marriages in San Diego.

    3) Boycott Businesses that donated to Yes on 8.

    4) Boycott Utah. No SKI trips, no Sundance Film Festival.

    5) Stay Involved.


  5. regarding National March this Saturday: We still need volunteers to put up posters.

    For more info, please click on “spread the word” at tool bar above. Also, you can join the Facebook Event and go to “Files” section and preview yet more cool posters that can be printed off for distribution.

    We also have some color posters that have already been printed that need to be put up ASAP. To access them, see thread entitled “VOLUNTEERS NEEDED-POSTERS”
    Please cross post and get the word out
    thanks, Beth

  6. Sean

    I texted 29 people, “National protest against prop 8 planned for Saturday the 15th at 10AM. Meet at 6th and Upas. Hopefully San Diego will represent along with the NATION! fwd on..”

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