Make a Statement!

Here are some positive protest sign ideas for you.  Click on the image for an 8.5×11 pdf.  Many have an 11×17 version as well.  Or use these as inspiration for your own homemade sign.  Also, here’s a link with ideas, too.


Equality for All Families 11×17


A Family Is Based On Love 11×17prop-8-mm-85x11

MM End Prop 8 11×17prop-8-ff-85x11

FF End Prop 8 11×17prop-8-love-85x11

Love Not H8 11×17


Love Repeal Prop 8 11×17


3 responses to “Make a Statement!

  1. dyewrks

    The link for the Open your Heart graphic seems to be pointing to the image below it. Can that be fixed?

  2. protest8sandiego


  3. Gary

    Why no sign suggestions such as “Save Marriage, Overturn Prop 8!”

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