Spread the Word!

UPDATE: We’ve changed the time on the fliers from 10:30am to 10:00am.  The march is still departing at 10:30, but we’re going to have a lot of people. We want to make sure we are ready to GO at 10:30!  But if you’ve already printed out stuff with 10:30, no worries.  Keep spreading the word!

UPDATE 2: A new flyer with all the details about the march and rally has been added.

Print out these fliers and post them around your city and neighborhoods:





If you have something to get the word out about the national protest for marriage equality that you want to post here, email it to protest8sandiego@gmail.com


9 responses to “Spread the Word!

  1. Kaya

    Hello, this is great and I will be there on Saturday. I live in La Mesa and I will do my best to post fliers in La Mesa.
    I think someone should post something on the No on prop 8 official website like a link or something so that people who got to that website will know that this is happening.

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  3. Beth

    I am coming on Saturday. I live in Santee, which has lots of yes on 8 signs and i will be printing out these protest flyers and posting them around town! equality for all 🙂

  4. Erich

    Awesome! Hope there’s a big turnout!!!

  5. Jimmy

    I will definatley be attending and I will be posting these around City College.

  6. Jimmy

    This is already ALL over every No on Prop 8 website and then some. This is a NATIONAL protest.
    Hope to see you there.

  7. I will be putting up large format posters in South Park and possibly Golden Hill today and tomorrow.

  8. Thank you so much all of you that have put up posters and started getting the word out!!

    Please continue to put up posters and email your friends and ask them to do the same. We need people to plaster colleges, coffee houses, stores, anything you can think of.

    We have printed some NICE color posters that need to be put up. Please sign into Facebook Event and see thread entitled “VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – POSTERS” to see how to access them. I need people to come get them and get them up!
    Yours, Beth

  9. mj

    Thank you and congratulations to all of you volunteers who are organizing, planning, and leading Saturday’s march and rally.

    The question is…what’s next? This fight for equal rights will likely take the next two to four years or more as court intervention is unlikely and we’ll have to return to the voters to win back our rights. The energy and effectiveness of marches and rallies will fade. Meanwhile, the opponents will attempt to formalize their discrimination across the country.

    The No on 8 campaign was weak and ineffective because it did not want to offend or confront or even be clear. We need to engage the opposition in a number of ways. Remember the sit-ins, boycotts, and strikes of the civil rights movement? All non-violent and inclusive. Are you ready to call out the contributors of the campaign against us?

    In the seats of those churches who want to impose their morality on our constitution are our friends and family members who are hiding in plain site allowing themselves to be marginalized. They need our help to have that coming out conversation at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The personal is political. We can no longer afford to be on the down low.

    To that end, after the marches and rallies and protests and boycotts we need to engage the people who are legalizing separate but equal in conversations about their double standard. It means discussions that allow us to hear them out and them to hear and see and get to know us. Fear, ignorance, hatred, and intolerance are hard to hold toward real people.

    I’d like to hear from people who would like to creatively protest at The Rock church on Sunday, a Mormon church next Sunday, and a southside church the next week. I’d like to hear from people who would like to organize boycotts of the major business contributors. I’d like to hear from organizations or churches who would host discussions over the next two years. Our supporters in the straight, faith, and cultural communities have voted their consciences. We need persuade only four percent to see that discrimination hurts them.

    We shall overcome.


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